Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh So Crispy!

I am like a nice piece of Crispy Bacon! Ah Kellee, Jason, and I swam and layed out for a total of about 9 hours! Yes I know that sounds completely insane, but we did it and it was amazing. I had a great day doing absolutely freaking nothing. Haha. What stinks is that I am so cold and I cannot move, but I am getting darker every weekend! Yay Mal!! Anyways enough about the pool and how Crispy I am.. I got to talk to Drew this morning and he said that Obama was publishing pictures of some things and I am not happy about it at all. I dont know if I can actually say what he is publishing I guess you guys will find out soon enough if the war starts back up again. :( I am not happy about all the fighting that is going on at all. I believe that we should totally make love not war. Im not a Hippie though, but without war the world would not be right, or so my lovey says. I support the Military 100% in everything you guys do for us each and everyday! I wanted to say thank you guys oh so much! Im being totally random with this blog sorry I am all over the place, but my brother Ryan has Cirrhosis of the liver and he is only 17 years old. Ryan also has a developmental delay, which means he has the mind of a three year old. I think Ryan is the only person that I have uncoditional love for and he is my world and my heart I dont know what I would do without my Little Man...... :) Anywho he is going to Birmingham, Al for a doctors appointment to see what is up with him. I just wanted to ask everyone to pray for him and just keep him in your thoughts and prayers! He is my little angel!
OK well im done.. As always Please Pray For Our Troops they still need the prayers!!
Thanks guys!!