Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deployment, marriage, baby????


Where do I begin with this insane month?

September 18,2009- Drew came home from a 7 month tour of Iraq. Woo. I was literally about to piss in my pants when I saw him.

September 22, 2009- Drew and I decided to get MARRIED. Yes I said it Married. We left our elaborate wedding behind us and decided we wanted to get married 6 weeks early.
So now we will go home and have a big huge reception.. I don't know what to say or do anymore about this whole situation.

September 25- October 10......

We found out that we are having a baby! We didn't waste anytime. We both know that this baby is a blessing, but if we could have waited another 10 years we would have been more finacially prepared. We are both really excited, but it came as a HUGE shock to us. We shall see what the future holds. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

My birthday!

So, today was the BIG day. I had an awesome birthday and 3 parties. Woo. Im not much of a party kinda person, but it was nice. I couldn't bare to eat another slice of cake after the second party. I felt really sick and full, but thats alright it was all in good fun. My mother suprised me this year with a very very pretty cake. I also realized just because it is pretty doesn't mean it tastes so well. Fondant is absolutely the worst thing I have ever eaten. ICK. ICK. ICK. People here in Alabama use the good ole butter cream icing, but we tried something new. Not such a good idea.

I never thought I would say this, but I was excited to get things for my new house for my birthday. I got some nice pictures for the walls and kitchen things. :) A bunch of candles and baking dishes of some sort. I kinda miss being a kid though and opening up money that I could just blow on anything. Don't you? The money goes to bills now. :( No fun anymore. I guess getting older isn't always a good thing. I miss being a kid and having no worries in the world... Ahhh do any of you miss it?
Anyways I am tired and I need sleep. My wonderful fiance' called at 5:15 this morning. I miss him I really do, but I do not miss him calling that early. Of course it was 1:15 PM in Iraq, but still I haven't had any sleep and I'm all pooped out.
oh and p.s he comes home Monday!! :) North Carolina here I come!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello America!!

Bye Bye Iraq... Hello America!

It feels so good to be able to say that! Drew will be home in 17 days!!

A lot has been going on in these past two months. I have a lot to catch up on. I am excited to tell everyone I now have a house in North Carolina and I will move everything in two days before Drew gets home. I never knew moving 800 miles away would be so expensive. The cost of everything is mind boggling! Wow!

The wedding is in two months and nine days! I have almost gotten everything done. I had my final dress fitting today.. I am very very pleased with the outcome.

Oh, I went to North Carolina this past weekend and I have pictures oh the absolutely awful wonderful town. Its truly amazing what people do when they see a Military town. My family and my friend were in shock. They didn't know that many Marines could be in one tiny little town at one time.

Well Im rambling now.. Not much has been going on except for the usual everyday things that happen in life!

Well bye for now! I will have pictures up of his homecoming and the wedding! :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The long lost blog of mine!

I had no clue it has been over two weeks since I have posted! Gah! I guess there is just nothing new to write about. Im still alive and everyone is doing great!

I need some help though..... I am picking out wedding songs for the reception and ceremony and I have no clue what I want. We know what we are dancing to, but thats all. I need to get this stuff done because I have a little over three months and it will be here. AH! I want something fun for the recessional, but I have no clue.

Drew tells me I am Bridezilla grouchy. He says when he mentions the wedding I go into a rage. I don't mean to be like, but I guess its happening. Is that normal?? Or am I just insane? Its so overwhelming. Flowers, music, dresses, shoes, makeup, pictures ect.... AHh! On top of everything all of my junk plus his junk has to be moved to North Carolina no later than October! YAK!!

The list of things I have done and have not done:

1.Drews ring
2. Flowers
5. The food
7. Flutes, cake server, napkins
10. Photographer
11. Addresses
12. Linens
13. Invitations
14. DJ
15. Place for the wedding/ reception
16. Honeymoon?
17. Guestbook and ect.
18. Gifts for the wedding party
20. Alterations
21. Cake(s)
22. Chairs, tables tent!

I think that is about it! I have a lot to do and I'm tired of doing it!
I just want this wedding to be done and over with. Is that bad?

I just need a little help for the music!

Any ideas??

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson is dead?

What? Excuse me? Did I hear that right? They said the guy died from a heart attack. Hmm..?
Is this a scam or the truth. I was reading today and they said that Farrah Fawcett died as well.. What the hell is going on?? Hmm...?? Today has been one insane day.... Is Jackson really dead? Like two weeks ago I was listening to "Thriller" in my car jammin out.. Haha. I know I am a loser. I really liked him when he was a black male... And Farrah Fawcett I feel so bad that cancer did that to her.. :( Anyways Im rambling..

Ok so my week or so has been pretty quiet.. Suprise Suprise!

Nothing new here. Except Ole Drew got word today that they are coming home in September. Yay woo!! Im not being ugly with what I am about to say. If you think so then I am sorry for yah. I absolutely hate it when people say I miss my Boyfriend/ Husband so much! He has been at work all day long.. That really grates on my nerves. My reply with that is.... I miss my Fiance' so much he has been at work for 4 months. People look at me as if I am insane!! I want to strangle some folks.. I also say I will be missing him for 3 more months. haha. I love the look on peoples faces. I guess I am just rude.

Most of you women's husbands have been to war before, but I am VERY new to this. It seems like time is dragging along. I don't know what to do or say anymore when people ask me " How is Drew" YACK! It makes me want to pull my hair out.

Anyways back to reality. Whew.. I get a lovey Facebook message from his "meemaw" telling me that I have to meet her at 10:00 AM friday morning at bed bath and beyond to go window shopping. I wanted to scream because 1. I wasn't asked to go. 2. I had plans. and 3. I can't just blow her off.

I feel as if I have to go because I am "new" to her family. Geeze. I am not happy about this at all. You guys have all heard me complain about her sending invites for dinner and telling everyone how much money she has. Oh FYI we ate off of FINE china when we went to eat dinner. Really? Am I losing my mind, or am I just over reacting..

Sorry for rambling! If you made it this far then you probably are thinking that I am totally insane because this post was all over the place. Sorry Guys! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nothin New Here!

There has been absolutely nothing going on within the last week. I have been an emotional wreck and it has been well over 100 degrees outside.

Emotional Wreck= Mallory crying for no reason at all. I can't tell anyone why I have been crazy lately, but I wake up and just cry. Hmm? Maybe I am going crazy!

100 degrees= So miserably hot that when you turn on the air in your car you still are sweating. I think the heat index was around 107 today! Its insane. I want to be inside with the air on full blast and not go outside until December. It is even hot at night. Kellee and I tried to go running/ walking and we only made it one mile bec we were about to die.

Anyways... I hope you all have a great day and stay out of the heat!

Friday, June 12, 2009

What in the world is happening to me..

Dear dear.. Poor poor pitiful Mallory. I don't know what got into me today. I went over to my mom's house and decided that my diet was out the window. I ate an ice cream sandwich and pizza! ah! And on top of all of that I cried about it. Wow! I think I am seriously losing it.

Its almost that wonderful time of the month. I wasn't hungry at all I just decided that I needed to stuff my face with the most grease filled/ carb filled food. I talked to Drew and asked him if it looked like I had gained 20 lbs and he calmly asked me to stop crying and that I looked great. UGH!

I didn't have a reason to be crying or eating, but it was absolutely neccessary. I often wonder why women have to be cursed with this once a month. How in the hell am I going to lose weight if I keep stuffing my face and crying about it for 30 more years? You tell me! I really want answers to all of this because I am truly stumped. I feel as if I should go run/sweat for a couple of days.

Anyways back to reality. I was putting suncreen on my face so it wouldn't burn/peel and I was putting it on as I always do and BAM my fake/ one pretty nails started peeling off. I began to cry and laugh at the same time. I quickly ran to the sink and washed my hands and am still puzzled 7 hours later as I sit here and try to fix my nails as if they will ever look as good as getting them done. I am really cheap so I dont want to get them done for another week :)

Blah Blah Blah... I went to Drew's grandma's house as I previoulsy explained.. Her sending out invites.. Weird, but I went with a great big smile on my face and I was very pleasant to be around. She ending up giving me a gift off of my registry and a framed picture of Drew when he was about one or two. It was a cute gesture and she was very kind. Weird but kind.

I have had a super interesting week. I think I will go lay out again tomorrow. I am screaming skin cancer, but I will be alright. If you have made it this far down then I am sorry, but I have one more thing to bore you with. Drew's family expressed to me last night that when he was a small child he use to beat his head on the floor and bite refrigerators and was a horrible child. I am not happy about the whole carrying a child for nine months, gaining 70 lbs, and sweating for nine months when my child is going to be THE Tower of Terror. Or am I just over reacting? Do kids really inherit their parents behavior? Please tell me!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I really have nothing good to say or write about. Bleh. Nothing new has happened in my life or anything exciting. I haven't done anything except work and sleep. I need to go walk/run my four miles, but I do not go alone and SOMEONE will not go with me. ( Kellee )

I realized that I want to lose about 30 more lbs. I need to have this done by August 29.. I don't know if it is going to work, but wish me luck. I have been dieting like crazy and driving the people in my house insane! Haha! I am on the Mayo/ Atkins diet and I do realize that when I get off of it I will gain everything back.. Delightful I know. I just need to be fit and in pretty good shape for August 29 ( bridesmaid), November 7 ( bride) and, January 16 ( maid-of-honor) I have a slew of weddings coming up.

My first bridal shower is August 1! I can't really say that I am excited about it. At all. My parents are divorced and so are drew's so it is going to be awkward with all of us in one room. I think the games that are going to played are ridiculous... Bleh.. Not excited at all about anything.

I have been so exhautsted lately that I wouldn't care if I accomplished anything. Sadly, I haven't done anything to make me this tired. I just haven't even had the energy to go to work or even care about being at work. I don't know what it wrong with me. I think I need to start taking vitamins again. I have no clue..

Anyways thanks for making it this far.. I know this post was pointless and had no meaning. Have a great day!!! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

11 pounds!

One year ago today I had a breast reduction! I can't actually believe that it has been 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, whatever! It has been one crazy year with the new Ta-Ta's! Im so happy that I did it, but in a way I miss what I had. I can wear normal people shirts now and I don't have to buy an XL when I am really a Medium! wheew! I actually can wear bathing suits now! Yay! The only downfall to wearing one of them is that you can see my lovey scars, but I dont care.

Anyways back to the surgery part. I went in June 3,2008 with no expectation of what I was actually getting myself into. I thought I was going to be up and running within a month. Haha. I was proved wrong. I went into the hospital at 5:00 AM, my surgery didn't start until 7. So I was stuck with peeing in a cup and getting all kinds of wires hooked up to me. ( which stunk) The doctor finally came in and it looked like he was playing connect the dots on my chest with a magic marker. I kindly asked him if the marker would wash off. Haha. After that I don't recall anything, but waking up and the rude nurses shoving crackers down my throat. I do remember looking down and not seeing any boobs at all ( I panicked) haha.

My mom came in and told me that they had removed 11 pounds of excess fat/boob. YUCK!

I finally made it home that day and I was feeling amazing (medicine works wonders) I wouldn't lay down or anything. I should have layed down, but I am hardheaded.

Anyways I got my trendy drain tubes out about 2 weeks later. ( which hurt more than the actual surgery ) Needless to say I am doing fine with the new boobs and I love them. haha.

I wouldn't ever go back to bein a 36 E ever again! If any of you are thinking about getting this procedure done all I can say is the scars are awful, but your back will love you!! I can stand up for more than 10 minutes now without crying! Wahhooo!

Have a great day! :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rainbow Bright!

As none of you know... I am half Greek. I recently colored my hair back dark brown. I am not sure it looks good, but I giving it a try. I want to be all natural for the wedding which is in 160 days. Wheew its coming fast.. Anyways back to my hair. I have been blonde for about 5 years now. I just went to walmart three days ago and bought dark brown and Bam here I am now. I will post pictures of it probably tomorrow. I need to know what you guys think.

Along with my new hair color, my skin color is currently Bright red. I usually don't burn at all due to the olive skin, but I am burnt. I absolutely think this is the worst feeling in the world. I am especially burnt right under neath my boobs, needless to say I haven't worn a bra. I am hoping and praying that I dont peel because I'm laying out again tomorrow. I am a great canidate for skin cancer. I try not to use baby oil and oil sheen so much, but its kinda hard. I seriously lay in the sun for five or more hours at a time. I am going to look like an old grandma when I am 40. :(

As I said our wedding is 160 days away and I have nothing done especially my colors. Hmm. I know they are Red and ??... Do I need a second color? Can I just do red and white. Is that tacky? He will be in his dress blues, so basically I am having a red white and blue wedding. :( I'm not happy about that. I don't want to do black though it would look good, but I don't know where I would incorporate it at! My bridesmaids dresses are red and the groomsmen are wearing black suits with red vests! I am totally lost. It's not everyday I have to plan a wedding. I want it to be perfect, but I also want it to be over with. I need a planner! The thought of five more thousands makes me cringe. I guess I am flying solo with the planning. I have the place, food, dj, cake, dress, flowers, and favors. I need some help! UGH! What else do I need??

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Part two!

I finally talked to him a few days ago....

I honestly feel like Iraq is complete CRAP!!!!! He said he doesn't want us to slpit up because we are one of the last couples that are still together. These women are leaving their husbands/ boyfriends/ fiancees!! WHOEVER!! it doesn't matter you just don't do that!

He really told me some messed up stories about these poor men. They get married to someone a month before they leave so they will pull in more money and their spouse spends it all and then leaves! These men are not very smart in their decisions, but whatever. Women are leaving to become strippers and what not! Lovey knows I would never leave or cheat on him, but whatever!

I must get off that subject, but back to his insane family.. His grandma sent my a message on FB asking for my address and my mom's to send us invitations to lunch!! WHATT?? Who does that? I have previously explained the money situation and I think this is more than I can handle!

Maybe I am blowing this whole situation with his family out of hand, but really lunch?? An invitation?? I find it ridiculous and hilarious at the same time! Lovey is gone 10 months out of every year and I have to deal with 3 to 4 WONDERRRRFULL! phone calls each day! The only reason they are calling me is to make themselves look like angels! I told lovey that they were insane, but he just shrugged his shoulders and said I am glad I am not home!

Anyways, I got this new phone and its the Samsung Delve! NEVER buy this phone ever. I have no clue how to work it! I guess that proves that I am not very smart. I can't figure out how to blue tooth anything to anyone! Err it makes me so mad and the ringtones are very low and I can barely hear them! I don't want to take it back, but I seriously yell at the phone! I thought having a nice new touch screen phone would be nice, but NO!

After venting about his phone and his family I think it is time for bed! SO goodnight all!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


This post is going to be very ugly! I hate that I have to express myself this way, but here we go.
I woke up this morning to my sweetheart calling me. I was happy that we got to talk for about an hour, but when he got off the phone he was not happy due to the Military. ( Its always something)

I went on about my day and I met Kellee at David's Bridal to go look at wedding dresses for the third day in a row! She finally found THE dress and its absolutely beautiful on her..

I wore these really cute wedge heels today and by the time we left David's my feet had blisters on them.. :(

My day was going amazing until the crazy dumbass blisters... And then I get the wonderful phone call from TQ, Iraq!

WOO! My conversation started out as me saying hey and why aren't you asleep its 4 o'clock in the morning.... and then lovey said " Have you talked to any of my family" and I was like no why. He said " My grandma (Meemaw) wants to give a luncheon for every woman close in your family and mine" ( mom, grandma, his sister, his sister in law, my mom, and my grandma) I said " Ok cool when?" He says " This Friday" and then I lost it..

I calmly explained to him that I need about a weeks notice for these kinda things. I had already made plans for this week and this weekend. ( Which I could easily change, but I dont want to) He got all worked up and said " Well don't call my mom and ask about it because it might not happen" WAIT WHAT!!!! I haven't talked to his mom in over three weeks, not to mention any of his family. They are not like me or any of my family. They are very snooty and stuck up, which we are not. To be completely honest I come from a much wealthier family than him, but my family would never show it.

Anyways back to what I was ranting and raving about.. I simply explained to him that I would rally up my troops and we would go to his family's gathering with smiles on our faces. I dropped the conversation at that. He goes on with it though. ( Why do men do that?) He asked me if I hated/disliked his entire family. I told I little white lie and explained that I absolutely LOVED each and every one of them. I know I should have told him the truth, but he is in Iraq and I don't want to get him worked up over there because he can't do anything, obviously!

I told him to go to bed and to call me in the morning when I was at home and could actually talk to him on Skpe! Oh by the way Skype is absolutely amazing! I told him I would talk to him later that I loved him and to have a goodnight ect.....

I went on my two mile walk and it was great. I felt great and I knew I would sleep amazing when I got home! Oh no I thought wrong. I got on my Facebook and I had a message from him saying.. "Please dont let anything happen to us I love you too much, I will explain tommorow goodnight" REALLY!!!! That could be a horrible thing or it could be a great thing. I dont know what to think about it. I have cried my eyes out and asked for opinions, but I feel so alone because my wedding is paid for and I love him way to much to let all of this go down the drain.

I just dont know if I can deal with his family if they hate me like I assume. I dont want to feel like that, but I have no other way of thinking I would rather think the worse than the best. I dont know!! I really need help with this one!

When I talk to him I will keep you guys updated whether it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He changed his mind once again........

Ok now we are going to Disney World for the lovely honeymoon, personally I couldn't be more excited. I had been telling him to go for oh a year now. Finally I get my way with this one thing! I am super stoked about it. Im not big into snow skiing or just being stuck somewhere with nothing to do not to mention he wanted to go to the beach and we live 2 seconds from a flippin beach!

I dont know why I love disney world so much I think it is because you can be a kid again and just have fun with the person that means the most to you...

I am going to be totally random with this, but I will be here in this bigg house all alone thur-mon. I am not a happy camper. I guess I will go get my 3 year old little brother to stay with me. I dont know what it is about being alone, but I absolutely hate it.

One more thing... I got to talk to Drew today for what seemed like forever... Im not use to talking to him that long or this much. He didn't look good today he looked wore out and super sleepy. He said he had not been to sleep in about 3 days. I also felt really bad because I was being Miss Poop Pants ( as he says) and I was complaining about how hott it was down here, when I know he is way hotter than I will ever be. Anyways this blog was totally random and pointless!! Goodnight all!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wedding Planning Stinks Big time!

So, as most of you know Drew and I are getting married on Nov 7,2009! I am so excited, but stressed at the same time. I want to hurry up and get this junk over with ASAP! AH!!

I picked up my dress yesterday and if I say so myself it is the prettiest dress I have ever seen. I still can't fit into it yet! BUMMER! I am on this new diet called the "mayo" diet and its killing me. I have lost 15 pound though. WHEEW! Only 20 more to go.

I have a question about favors? I was thinking cute little Koozies with our names and the date on them. Corny? I like the whole idea of it!! I need suggestions about all of this. haha.

I have the place, photographer, cateror, flowers...? Hmm what else I am so lost with this whole thing that I dont know what to..

After the wedding I have to pack all of my junk up and move a couple of states away! :( Yay for the Military! I haven't warmed up to the whole thing just yet....

Back to the wedding...sorry...I think I am going to buy Drew two wedding bands.. A white gold one and a Tungston one.. One for work and one for me to look at. I dont want the $500 band to get all scratched up and it to be ridiculously ugly, so whatever!

I really need advice so please help!
Thanks a MillioN!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

Today could have been the second worst day of my life.....


Ok so I know all of you are wondering why I am expressing that my day was sheer awfulness...
I woke up this morning after getting a whooping 3 hours of sleep last night and I went to work.

8:00....The baby is teething and he decided he wanted to Poop all over me not once, but twice! AH! Im not even a mother yet and Im getting pooped on!

2:00....So I thought my day couldn't possibly get any worse.....OK! I went to pay a bill and I found out that it was 4 days late and I had to pay a $$10$$ late fee on it....I went on about my day!

7:00....I brought my Wal-Mart bags in and I tripped over my own two feet and boom I broke my brand new $20.00 vase that I had bought maybe 5 minutes prior to me dropping it and it shattering into a million pieces all over the floor!!!!

8:00....I went to put water in the refrigerate and when i moved the milk jug........Apparently the cap wasn't on the jug so it went everywhere!!! All over me and frig and my grandmothers rug!> I Cried... :(

8:09... I go to get my grapefruit out of the refrigerater and I dropped it and it went everywhere so after I mopped the floor I had to remop! AHH

8:30.. I had froze my water bottle and when I opened it....It went CABOOOM and exploded all over me and the floor........3rd time mopping today.....

As you can tell I have not had a very good day. Lets pray that tomorrow turns out a little better

Sunday, May 3, 2009


My day started at 7:00 this morning after a long night of working. Crazy I know right! I wanted to sleep in until atleast 8 or 9 o'clock, but Drew had other plans for me. He called this morning like I said I 7:00! It was the usual good morning, love you, and how has your week been?

I thought today was going to be my typical Sunday just hanging out around the house and cleaning up! Oh no. I looked down at the clock and it was already 10:00 and I was still talking to him Via Skype. :) He was talking about our Honeymoon which will take place on the 8th of November!

I didn't think you had to start planning ahead this early, but apparently he wanted too. We started talking about it and before I knew the clock said 12:00. Thats 5 hours of just sitting in front of the computer in my pajamas talking to Lovey. Before I knew it he had me going to all kinds of crazy websites trying to look for a place to go.

2:00 we finally decided on a place.. Aspen, Colorado! Sounds fun? I hope it is going to be. We booked the flight, car, and hotel. Wheww Thank the lord that only took until 3:30. I swear we don't agree on much, but I love him to death.

4:00 Which is 12:00 his time (Iraq) he had to go on patrol (back to work)... He informed me that he hasn't been to bed in three days and that the Hummer almost burnt down on Wed due to electrical fire. Whew that makes me feel really safe..

Anywho... The wedding is booked and the honeymoon all we have to do is make it to November!
Does anyone know anything about Colorado? If so please let me know. I have never been skiing and I have only seen snow once! I know I know I am in for it! Haha!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Madness!!

Today was not the usaul Friday....

I woke up today to small children screaming. It was insane because I am not a mother and I do not live with small children. I woke up to find out that my cousins were here! Since when are kids out of school for no reason at all? I think the school board will let these kids out for no reason at all. I thought about it and thought about it I dont think Drew and I are going to have children for atleast five years. I think that we need to spend "our" time together before we have to wake up to screaming kids.

I also realized today that kids don't do the same things as I did when I was 7 and 3.. I use to play outside until I had to come in. These kids won't even go outside they say it is to hot for them. All they wanted to do was play on the computer and watch tv. When I was little you couldn't make me come inside til 7 o'clock. I think that they need to have a national play day where they shut down computers and tv so the kids have to go outside and play.

Maybe thats why so many kids are obese now because we have all this GREAT technology out and they dont have to run and sweat! Maybe my perspectives will change when I become a mother until then unless I'm proved wrong I will probably still believe my theory!

Anyways I'm done with that! I was thinking about going to Lay out in the sun tomorrow, but my boss called and told me I had to work.:( Bleh She ruined my plans of soaking up the sun! I am not happy about that at all..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why is it so hot?

Really? Why is it so stinkin hot outside? Jeeze I can't escape this dreadful heat. I know I live in Alabama, but what the heck! It seems like the winter/spring were not even there! I miss the mid 60's early 70's!

It seems like when you walk outside you automatically start sweating I hate that feeling. All you can wear down here are dresses and tank tops because otherwise you are so hot that you can't stand it. Dear dear I rant to much about the heat and other things....

I will be so happy when my mom gets her pool fixed so I can just go over to her house and go swimming.. For heavens sake my 5lb Chihuaha goes outside for 10 minutes and is panting that can't be too good.

Anyways on the brighter side of things, Drew says that he might get to come home in September! WOO I am excited about that one.. I try not to get my hopes up though because more than likely he wont be home until Oct!

I hope you all had a good day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh So Crispy!

I am like a nice piece of Crispy Bacon! Ah Kellee, Jason, and I swam and layed out for a total of about 9 hours! Yes I know that sounds completely insane, but we did it and it was amazing. I had a great day doing absolutely freaking nothing. Haha. What stinks is that I am so cold and I cannot move, but I am getting darker every weekend! Yay Mal!! Anyways enough about the pool and how Crispy I am.. I got to talk to Drew this morning and he said that Obama was publishing pictures of some things and I am not happy about it at all. I dont know if I can actually say what he is publishing I guess you guys will find out soon enough if the war starts back up again. :( I am not happy about all the fighting that is going on at all. I believe that we should totally make love not war. Im not a Hippie though, but without war the world would not be right, or so my lovey says. I support the Military 100% in everything you guys do for us each and everyday! I wanted to say thank you guys oh so much! Im being totally random with this blog sorry I am all over the place, but my brother Ryan has Cirrhosis of the liver and he is only 17 years old. Ryan also has a developmental delay, which means he has the mind of a three year old. I think Ryan is the only person that I have uncoditional love for and he is my world and my heart I dont know what I would do without my Little Man...... :) Anywho he is going to Birmingham, Al for a doctors appointment to see what is up with him. I just wanted to ask everyone to pray for him and just keep him in your thoughts and prayers! He is my little angel!
OK well im done.. As always Please Pray For Our Troops they still need the prayers!!
Thanks guys!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Today! WOO!!

So this morning I woke up to my phone ringing at 5:30!! Guess who it was?? DREW! WOO! Despite the fact that I couldn't open my eyes or talk that well I was so glad to listen to him! He was in such a good mood and that makes me feel better. Not to mention the fact that he looks amazing and is gaining some of his weight back, I will post a picture. haha. .. So everyone knows I love me some Kellee Jones, but right now I could strangle her!! She let me talk to this man who has triplets and she wanted me to sit for him. Ok so he told me no way that my schedule was to complicated for him., so he calls back today. He says "Hello Melinda" and I was like whatever and he now wants me to sit for his kids, so I agreed to call him back AFTER I got off work and he said great! Soo about 1 hour later he calls back and he was like "Hello Melissa" and I said Hi and now he wants to work out something with me to come meet his kids. This man can't even get my name right.. I dont know what to do all I want to say is that you KELLEE! I LOVE YOU!!!! haha. I think this man is crazy! Well to sum up my day I had a wonderful day I got to talk to the love of my life and a crazy man! WOO! AHH I have a wonderful life. Please Pray for our troops they still need us!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing Special About Tuesdays..

So there is really nothing special about Tuesdays..
Just another day of work and bleh. Its been two days since I have talked to Drew. Im little Miss Sunshine today! Woo! I sent him his second package today hopefully the things will not get lost because it was all electronics! Ah! Kellee asked me to go lay out with her this Saturday thats one thing that I am excited about! WoO. I love the sun!! I have been on this stupid diet now for like a month and some odd days maybe thats why I am not in a good mood. IM HUNGRY! haha. I have to lose 25lbs to even think about fitting into my wedding dress. Im not happy about being on a diet. This stinks. ha. Im always hungry though. Anyways! Hopefully I will get to talk to him soon. Once again Please Pray For Our Troops! They still need your prayers!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Wow.. Today I got to talk to Drew!! I was so excited!! He called about eight O'clock this morning! He looks great!! He is actually gaining weight! Thank the Lord!! Anyways today is Greek Easter! I am so excited my family is going to roast a lamb in the ground and cook some awesome food! There will be about 200 craazzy Greek people at my familys house!! Well anyways have a great Sunday and please pray for our troops!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Friday Friday!

Today was one of my better days I actually got to go to the pool with Kellee and lay out and get some sun! ;) I didn't sit at home and cry all day! Yay! Needless to say I got a little bit too tasty, but thats okay!! It was a crazy day! We went to 5 different stores looking for me a raft to float on and NO ONE had one except Wal-Mart and I absolutely despise that place.. Ha Ha. AFter we finally found a raft we spend almost the whole day laying out and catching up on old time, which was fun! After being out all day I went and payed on my wedding dress!! I am so excited about it!! Only 7 more months and I will be married and living in North Carolina!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Crazy Beautiful Life!


So far my life has been crazy! In the past year I have started talking to Drew again and now we are getting married on November 7, 2009! I am so excited I have been planning this wedding and spending tons of money. Ha ha. Well I will go back a couple of months, Drew and I started talking again around July of 2008. I never thought that we would be getting back together after 2 years of not being around each other. I guess something in me told me to give this relationship another chance, so I did. I guess around November we made it official, but we both knew that we weren't going to see other people from July up until Nov. I didn't see Drew for almost a year because he was stationed in North Carolina and I was stuck here in Mobile. In November he came home for Thanksgiving and I was so excited to see him! It was kinda crazy seeing him for the first time he didn't even look the same. He left after Thanksgiving and it sucked I realized that I was in love with him. So Christmas came and before I knew it he was back!! We spent Christmas and New Years! He went to California shortly after New Years for a month and I thought I was going to die because I couldn't talk to him. Well he came home a few days after Valentines day and on February 23 he proposed and I said YES!! So now here we are. My love left for Iraq on March 11,2009 I was a huge baby when he left and I still don't know where I am going or what I am doing. He has been gone now for one month and five days and I have only talked him about 7 or 8 times. I would take California for a month over this anyday! I have realized in the past month that I miss him so much and how much I truly am in love with him... I have 5 months and 3 weeks left until I get to see him again. I truly believe that this seperation will make us a lot stronger!