Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wedding Planning Stinks Big time!

So, as most of you know Drew and I are getting married on Nov 7,2009! I am so excited, but stressed at the same time. I want to hurry up and get this junk over with ASAP! AH!!

I picked up my dress yesterday and if I say so myself it is the prettiest dress I have ever seen. I still can't fit into it yet! BUMMER! I am on this new diet called the "mayo" diet and its killing me. I have lost 15 pound though. WHEEW! Only 20 more to go.

I have a question about favors? I was thinking cute little Koozies with our names and the date on them. Corny? I like the whole idea of it!! I need suggestions about all of this. haha.

I have the place, photographer, cateror, flowers...? Hmm what else I am so lost with this whole thing that I dont know what to..

After the wedding I have to pack all of my junk up and move a couple of states away! :( Yay for the Military! I haven't warmed up to the whole thing just yet....

Back to the wedding...sorry...I think I am going to buy Drew two wedding bands.. A white gold one and a Tungston one.. One for work and one for me to look at. I dont want the $500 band to get all scratched up and it to be ridiculously ugly, so whatever!

I really need advice so please help!
Thanks a MillioN!