Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Madness!!

Today was not the usaul Friday....

I woke up today to small children screaming. It was insane because I am not a mother and I do not live with small children. I woke up to find out that my cousins were here! Since when are kids out of school for no reason at all? I think the school board will let these kids out for no reason at all. I thought about it and thought about it I dont think Drew and I are going to have children for atleast five years. I think that we need to spend "our" time together before we have to wake up to screaming kids.

I also realized today that kids don't do the same things as I did when I was 7 and 3.. I use to play outside until I had to come in. These kids won't even go outside they say it is to hot for them. All they wanted to do was play on the computer and watch tv. When I was little you couldn't make me come inside til 7 o'clock. I think that they need to have a national play day where they shut down computers and tv so the kids have to go outside and play.

Maybe thats why so many kids are obese now because we have all this GREAT technology out and they dont have to run and sweat! Maybe my perspectives will change when I become a mother until then unless I'm proved wrong I will probably still believe my theory!

Anyways I'm done with that! I was thinking about going to Lay out in the sun tomorrow, but my boss called and told me I had to work.:( Bleh She ruined my plans of soaking up the sun! I am not happy about that at all..