Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why is it so hot?

Really? Why is it so stinkin hot outside? Jeeze I can't escape this dreadful heat. I know I live in Alabama, but what the heck! It seems like the winter/spring were not even there! I miss the mid 60's early 70's!

It seems like when you walk outside you automatically start sweating I hate that feeling. All you can wear down here are dresses and tank tops because otherwise you are so hot that you can't stand it. Dear dear I rant to much about the heat and other things....

I will be so happy when my mom gets her pool fixed so I can just go over to her house and go swimming.. For heavens sake my 5lb Chihuaha goes outside for 10 minutes and is panting that can't be too good.

Anyways on the brighter side of things, Drew says that he might get to come home in September! WOO I am excited about that one.. I try not to get my hopes up though because more than likely he wont be home until Oct!

I hope you all had a good day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh So Crispy!

I am like a nice piece of Crispy Bacon! Ah Kellee, Jason, and I swam and layed out for a total of about 9 hours! Yes I know that sounds completely insane, but we did it and it was amazing. I had a great day doing absolutely freaking nothing. Haha. What stinks is that I am so cold and I cannot move, but I am getting darker every weekend! Yay Mal!! Anyways enough about the pool and how Crispy I am.. I got to talk to Drew this morning and he said that Obama was publishing pictures of some things and I am not happy about it at all. I dont know if I can actually say what he is publishing I guess you guys will find out soon enough if the war starts back up again. :( I am not happy about all the fighting that is going on at all. I believe that we should totally make love not war. Im not a Hippie though, but without war the world would not be right, or so my lovey says. I support the Military 100% in everything you guys do for us each and everyday! I wanted to say thank you guys oh so much! Im being totally random with this blog sorry I am all over the place, but my brother Ryan has Cirrhosis of the liver and he is only 17 years old. Ryan also has a developmental delay, which means he has the mind of a three year old. I think Ryan is the only person that I have uncoditional love for and he is my world and my heart I dont know what I would do without my Little Man...... :) Anywho he is going to Birmingham, Al for a doctors appointment to see what is up with him. I just wanted to ask everyone to pray for him and just keep him in your thoughts and prayers! He is my little angel!
OK well im done.. As always Please Pray For Our Troops they still need the prayers!!
Thanks guys!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Today! WOO!!

So this morning I woke up to my phone ringing at 5:30!! Guess who it was?? DREW! WOO! Despite the fact that I couldn't open my eyes or talk that well I was so glad to listen to him! He was in such a good mood and that makes me feel better. Not to mention the fact that he looks amazing and is gaining some of his weight back, I will post a picture. haha. .. So everyone knows I love me some Kellee Jones, but right now I could strangle her!! She let me talk to this man who has triplets and she wanted me to sit for him. Ok so he told me no way that my schedule was to complicated for him., so he calls back today. He says "Hello Melinda" and I was like whatever and he now wants me to sit for his kids, so I agreed to call him back AFTER I got off work and he said great! Soo about 1 hour later he calls back and he was like "Hello Melissa" and I said Hi and now he wants to work out something with me to come meet his kids. This man can't even get my name right.. I dont know what to do all I want to say is that you KELLEE! I LOVE YOU!!!! haha. I think this man is crazy! Well to sum up my day I had a wonderful day I got to talk to the love of my life and a crazy man! WOO! AHH I have a wonderful life. Please Pray for our troops they still need us!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing Special About Tuesdays..

So there is really nothing special about Tuesdays..
Just another day of work and bleh. Its been two days since I have talked to Drew. Im little Miss Sunshine today! Woo! I sent him his second package today hopefully the things will not get lost because it was all electronics! Ah! Kellee asked me to go lay out with her this Saturday thats one thing that I am excited about! WoO. I love the sun!! I have been on this stupid diet now for like a month and some odd days maybe thats why I am not in a good mood. IM HUNGRY! haha. I have to lose 25lbs to even think about fitting into my wedding dress. Im not happy about being on a diet. This stinks. ha. Im always hungry though. Anyways! Hopefully I will get to talk to him soon. Once again Please Pray For Our Troops! They still need your prayers!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Wow.. Today I got to talk to Drew!! I was so excited!! He called about eight O'clock this morning! He looks great!! He is actually gaining weight! Thank the Lord!! Anyways today is Greek Easter! I am so excited my family is going to roast a lamb in the ground and cook some awesome food! There will be about 200 craazzy Greek people at my familys house!! Well anyways have a great Sunday and please pray for our troops!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Friday Friday!

Today was one of my better days I actually got to go to the pool with Kellee and lay out and get some sun! ;) I didn't sit at home and cry all day! Yay! Needless to say I got a little bit too tasty, but thats okay!! It was a crazy day! We went to 5 different stores looking for me a raft to float on and NO ONE had one except Wal-Mart and I absolutely despise that place.. Ha Ha. AFter we finally found a raft we spend almost the whole day laying out and catching up on old time, which was fun! After being out all day I went and payed on my wedding dress!! I am so excited about it!! Only 7 more months and I will be married and living in North Carolina!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Crazy Beautiful Life!


So far my life has been crazy! In the past year I have started talking to Drew again and now we are getting married on November 7, 2009! I am so excited I have been planning this wedding and spending tons of money. Ha ha. Well I will go back a couple of months, Drew and I started talking again around July of 2008. I never thought that we would be getting back together after 2 years of not being around each other. I guess something in me told me to give this relationship another chance, so I did. I guess around November we made it official, but we both knew that we weren't going to see other people from July up until Nov. I didn't see Drew for almost a year because he was stationed in North Carolina and I was stuck here in Mobile. In November he came home for Thanksgiving and I was so excited to see him! It was kinda crazy seeing him for the first time he didn't even look the same. He left after Thanksgiving and it sucked I realized that I was in love with him. So Christmas came and before I knew it he was back!! We spent Christmas and New Years! He went to California shortly after New Years for a month and I thought I was going to die because I couldn't talk to him. Well he came home a few days after Valentines day and on February 23 he proposed and I said YES!! So now here we are. My love left for Iraq on March 11,2009 I was a huge baby when he left and I still don't know where I am going or what I am doing. He has been gone now for one month and five days and I have only talked him about 7 or 8 times. I would take California for a month over this anyday! I have realized in the past month that I miss him so much and how much I truly am in love with him... I have 5 months and 3 weeks left until I get to see him again. I truly believe that this seperation will make us a lot stronger!