Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson is dead?

What? Excuse me? Did I hear that right? They said the guy died from a heart attack. Hmm..?
Is this a scam or the truth. I was reading today and they said that Farrah Fawcett died as well.. What the hell is going on?? Hmm...?? Today has been one insane day.... Is Jackson really dead? Like two weeks ago I was listening to "Thriller" in my car jammin out.. Haha. I know I am a loser. I really liked him when he was a black male... And Farrah Fawcett I feel so bad that cancer did that to her.. :( Anyways Im rambling..

Ok so my week or so has been pretty quiet.. Suprise Suprise!

Nothing new here. Except Ole Drew got word today that they are coming home in September. Yay woo!! Im not being ugly with what I am about to say. If you think so then I am sorry for yah. I absolutely hate it when people say I miss my Boyfriend/ Husband so much! He has been at work all day long.. That really grates on my nerves. My reply with that is.... I miss my Fiance' so much he has been at work for 4 months. People look at me as if I am insane!! I want to strangle some folks.. I also say I will be missing him for 3 more months. haha. I love the look on peoples faces. I guess I am just rude.

Most of you women's husbands have been to war before, but I am VERY new to this. It seems like time is dragging along. I don't know what to do or say anymore when people ask me " How is Drew" YACK! It makes me want to pull my hair out.

Anyways back to reality. Whew.. I get a lovey Facebook message from his "meemaw" telling me that I have to meet her at 10:00 AM friday morning at bed bath and beyond to go window shopping. I wanted to scream because 1. I wasn't asked to go. 2. I had plans. and 3. I can't just blow her off.

I feel as if I have to go because I am "new" to her family. Geeze. I am not happy about this at all. You guys have all heard me complain about her sending invites for dinner and telling everyone how much money she has. Oh FYI we ate off of FINE china when we went to eat dinner. Really? Am I losing my mind, or am I just over reacting..

Sorry for rambling! If you made it this far then you probably are thinking that I am totally insane because this post was all over the place. Sorry Guys! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nothin New Here!

There has been absolutely nothing going on within the last week. I have been an emotional wreck and it has been well over 100 degrees outside.

Emotional Wreck= Mallory crying for no reason at all. I can't tell anyone why I have been crazy lately, but I wake up and just cry. Hmm? Maybe I am going crazy!

100 degrees= So miserably hot that when you turn on the air in your car you still are sweating. I think the heat index was around 107 today! Its insane. I want to be inside with the air on full blast and not go outside until December. It is even hot at night. Kellee and I tried to go running/ walking and we only made it one mile bec we were about to die.

Anyways... I hope you all have a great day and stay out of the heat!

Friday, June 12, 2009

What in the world is happening to me..

Dear dear.. Poor poor pitiful Mallory. I don't know what got into me today. I went over to my mom's house and decided that my diet was out the window. I ate an ice cream sandwich and pizza! ah! And on top of all of that I cried about it. Wow! I think I am seriously losing it.

Its almost that wonderful time of the month. I wasn't hungry at all I just decided that I needed to stuff my face with the most grease filled/ carb filled food. I talked to Drew and asked him if it looked like I had gained 20 lbs and he calmly asked me to stop crying and that I looked great. UGH!

I didn't have a reason to be crying or eating, but it was absolutely neccessary. I often wonder why women have to be cursed with this once a month. How in the hell am I going to lose weight if I keep stuffing my face and crying about it for 30 more years? You tell me! I really want answers to all of this because I am truly stumped. I feel as if I should go run/sweat for a couple of days.

Anyways back to reality. I was putting suncreen on my face so it wouldn't burn/peel and I was putting it on as I always do and BAM my fake/ one pretty nails started peeling off. I began to cry and laugh at the same time. I quickly ran to the sink and washed my hands and am still puzzled 7 hours later as I sit here and try to fix my nails as if they will ever look as good as getting them done. I am really cheap so I dont want to get them done for another week :)

Blah Blah Blah... I went to Drew's grandma's house as I previoulsy explained.. Her sending out invites.. Weird, but I went with a great big smile on my face and I was very pleasant to be around. She ending up giving me a gift off of my registry and a framed picture of Drew when he was about one or two. It was a cute gesture and she was very kind. Weird but kind.

I have had a super interesting week. I think I will go lay out again tomorrow. I am screaming skin cancer, but I will be alright. If you have made it this far down then I am sorry, but I have one more thing to bore you with. Drew's family expressed to me last night that when he was a small child he use to beat his head on the floor and bite refrigerators and was a horrible child. I am not happy about the whole carrying a child for nine months, gaining 70 lbs, and sweating for nine months when my child is going to be THE Tower of Terror. Or am I just over reacting? Do kids really inherit their parents behavior? Please tell me!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I really have nothing good to say or write about. Bleh. Nothing new has happened in my life or anything exciting. I haven't done anything except work and sleep. I need to go walk/run my four miles, but I do not go alone and SOMEONE will not go with me. ( Kellee )

I realized that I want to lose about 30 more lbs. I need to have this done by August 29.. I don't know if it is going to work, but wish me luck. I have been dieting like crazy and driving the people in my house insane! Haha! I am on the Mayo/ Atkins diet and I do realize that when I get off of it I will gain everything back.. Delightful I know. I just need to be fit and in pretty good shape for August 29 ( bridesmaid), November 7 ( bride) and, January 16 ( maid-of-honor) I have a slew of weddings coming up.

My first bridal shower is August 1! I can't really say that I am excited about it. At all. My parents are divorced and so are drew's so it is going to be awkward with all of us in one room. I think the games that are going to played are ridiculous... Bleh.. Not excited at all about anything.

I have been so exhautsted lately that I wouldn't care if I accomplished anything. Sadly, I haven't done anything to make me this tired. I just haven't even had the energy to go to work or even care about being at work. I don't know what it wrong with me. I think I need to start taking vitamins again. I have no clue..

Anyways thanks for making it this far.. I know this post was pointless and had no meaning. Have a great day!!! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

11 pounds!

One year ago today I had a breast reduction! I can't actually believe that it has been 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, whatever! It has been one crazy year with the new Ta-Ta's! Im so happy that I did it, but in a way I miss what I had. I can wear normal people shirts now and I don't have to buy an XL when I am really a Medium! wheew! I actually can wear bathing suits now! Yay! The only downfall to wearing one of them is that you can see my lovey scars, but I dont care.

Anyways back to the surgery part. I went in June 3,2008 with no expectation of what I was actually getting myself into. I thought I was going to be up and running within a month. Haha. I was proved wrong. I went into the hospital at 5:00 AM, my surgery didn't start until 7. So I was stuck with peeing in a cup and getting all kinds of wires hooked up to me. ( which stunk) The doctor finally came in and it looked like he was playing connect the dots on my chest with a magic marker. I kindly asked him if the marker would wash off. Haha. After that I don't recall anything, but waking up and the rude nurses shoving crackers down my throat. I do remember looking down and not seeing any boobs at all ( I panicked) haha.

My mom came in and told me that they had removed 11 pounds of excess fat/boob. YUCK!

I finally made it home that day and I was feeling amazing (medicine works wonders) I wouldn't lay down or anything. I should have layed down, but I am hardheaded.

Anyways I got my trendy drain tubes out about 2 weeks later. ( which hurt more than the actual surgery ) Needless to say I am doing fine with the new boobs and I love them. haha.

I wouldn't ever go back to bein a 36 E ever again! If any of you are thinking about getting this procedure done all I can say is the scars are awful, but your back will love you!! I can stand up for more than 10 minutes now without crying! Wahhooo!

Have a great day! :)