Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

Today could have been the second worst day of my life.....


Ok so I know all of you are wondering why I am expressing that my day was sheer awfulness...
I woke up this morning after getting a whooping 3 hours of sleep last night and I went to work.

8:00....The baby is teething and he decided he wanted to Poop all over me not once, but twice! AH! Im not even a mother yet and Im getting pooped on!

2:00....So I thought my day couldn't possibly get any worse.....OK! I went to pay a bill and I found out that it was 4 days late and I had to pay a $$10$$ late fee on it....I went on about my day!

7:00....I brought my Wal-Mart bags in and I tripped over my own two feet and boom I broke my brand new $20.00 vase that I had bought maybe 5 minutes prior to me dropping it and it shattering into a million pieces all over the floor!!!!

8:00....I went to put water in the refrigerate and when i moved the milk jug........Apparently the cap wasn't on the jug so it went everywhere!!! All over me and frig and my grandmothers rug!> I Cried... :(

8:09... I go to get my grapefruit out of the refrigerater and I dropped it and it went everywhere so after I mopped the floor I had to remop! AHH

8:30.. I had froze my water bottle and when I opened it....It went CABOOOM and exploded all over me and the floor........3rd time mopping today.....

As you can tell I have not had a very good day. Lets pray that tomorrow turns out a little better

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