Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Today! WOO!!

So this morning I woke up to my phone ringing at 5:30!! Guess who it was?? DREW! WOO! Despite the fact that I couldn't open my eyes or talk that well I was so glad to listen to him! He was in such a good mood and that makes me feel better. Not to mention the fact that he looks amazing and is gaining some of his weight back, I will post a picture. haha. .. So everyone knows I love me some Kellee Jones, but right now I could strangle her!! She let me talk to this man who has triplets and she wanted me to sit for him. Ok so he told me no way that my schedule was to complicated for him., so he calls back today. He says "Hello Melinda" and I was like whatever and he now wants me to sit for his kids, so I agreed to call him back AFTER I got off work and he said great! Soo about 1 hour later he calls back and he was like "Hello Melissa" and I said Hi and now he wants to work out something with me to come meet his kids. This man can't even get my name right.. I dont know what to do all I want to say is that you KELLEE! I LOVE YOU!!!! haha. I think this man is crazy! Well to sum up my day I had a wonderful day I got to talk to the love of my life and a crazy man! WOO! AHH I have a wonderful life. Please Pray for our troops they still need us!!


  1. Hahahahahahahahaah
    Whatever I love U!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. yay! for the phone call!!! I will be the one makingthose call to a waiting hubby soon. I hope he will be as happy to hear from me as you were,melanie...Melanie??? what the heck kellee?