Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing Special About Tuesdays..

So there is really nothing special about Tuesdays..
Just another day of work and bleh. Its been two days since I have talked to Drew. Im little Miss Sunshine today! Woo! I sent him his second package today hopefully the things will not get lost because it was all electronics! Ah! Kellee asked me to go lay out with her this Saturday thats one thing that I am excited about! WoO. I love the sun!! I have been on this stupid diet now for like a month and some odd days maybe thats why I am not in a good mood. IM HUNGRY! haha. I have to lose 25lbs to even think about fitting into my wedding dress. Im not happy about being on a diet. This stinks. ha. Im always hungry though. Anyways! Hopefully I will get to talk to him soon. Once again Please Pray For Our Troops! They still need your prayers!


  1. Please don't let kellee use baby oil! I think she learned her leason last time but you never know. I hope all goes well with you package and your diet!

  2. Hey dude go check out the challenge diet..its on my followers page..Its "lil chris' mom"