Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He changed his mind once again........

Ok now we are going to Disney World for the lovely honeymoon, personally I couldn't be more excited. I had been telling him to go for oh a year now. Finally I get my way with this one thing! I am super stoked about it. Im not big into snow skiing or just being stuck somewhere with nothing to do not to mention he wanted to go to the beach and we live 2 seconds from a flippin beach!

I dont know why I love disney world so much I think it is because you can be a kid again and just have fun with the person that means the most to you...

I am going to be totally random with this, but I will be here in this bigg house all alone thur-mon. I am not a happy camper. I guess I will go get my 3 year old little brother to stay with me. I dont know what it is about being alone, but I absolutely hate it.

One more thing... I got to talk to Drew today for what seemed like forever... Im not use to talking to him that long or this much. He didn't look good today he looked wore out and super sleepy. He said he had not been to sleep in about 3 days. I also felt really bad because I was being Miss Poop Pants ( as he says) and I was complaining about how hott it was down here, when I know he is way hotter than I will ever be. Anyways this blog was totally random and pointless!! Goodnight all!


  1. Well hey mallory! Thanks for the comment and follow! The hubs and I have been trying to decide where we want to go for our one year anni/honeymoon. We had thought about Gatlingburg, TN for a ski trip but lately I've been craving sun and magic so that equals Disney World in my book:p I've looked at the Shades of Green website since that posted comment and it does look very nice! Only problem is, it looks like you have to book WAY in advance to get a room on your dates:p I guess thats just about anywhere you go with a huge tourist attraction though:p Looking forward to reading more on your lovely blog! Caio

  2. I love u and need to see your face!
    Oh and if I have to eat another grapefruit I WILL die.

  3. Disney world rocks! And while taking the kids and enjoying it with them was tons of fun and amazing to now be the parents, going solo is much much much more peaceful. ENJOY every blissfully peaceful moment of it. When you return years later with your kids it will be a tad different!