Sunday, May 24, 2009


This post is going to be very ugly! I hate that I have to express myself this way, but here we go.
I woke up this morning to my sweetheart calling me. I was happy that we got to talk for about an hour, but when he got off the phone he was not happy due to the Military. ( Its always something)

I went on about my day and I met Kellee at David's Bridal to go look at wedding dresses for the third day in a row! She finally found THE dress and its absolutely beautiful on her..

I wore these really cute wedge heels today and by the time we left David's my feet had blisters on them.. :(

My day was going amazing until the crazy dumbass blisters... And then I get the wonderful phone call from TQ, Iraq!

WOO! My conversation started out as me saying hey and why aren't you asleep its 4 o'clock in the morning.... and then lovey said " Have you talked to any of my family" and I was like no why. He said " My grandma (Meemaw) wants to give a luncheon for every woman close in your family and mine" ( mom, grandma, his sister, his sister in law, my mom, and my grandma) I said " Ok cool when?" He says " This Friday" and then I lost it..

I calmly explained to him that I need about a weeks notice for these kinda things. I had already made plans for this week and this weekend. ( Which I could easily change, but I dont want to) He got all worked up and said " Well don't call my mom and ask about it because it might not happen" WAIT WHAT!!!! I haven't talked to his mom in over three weeks, not to mention any of his family. They are not like me or any of my family. They are very snooty and stuck up, which we are not. To be completely honest I come from a much wealthier family than him, but my family would never show it.

Anyways back to what I was ranting and raving about.. I simply explained to him that I would rally up my troops and we would go to his family's gathering with smiles on our faces. I dropped the conversation at that. He goes on with it though. ( Why do men do that?) He asked me if I hated/disliked his entire family. I told I little white lie and explained that I absolutely LOVED each and every one of them. I know I should have told him the truth, but he is in Iraq and I don't want to get him worked up over there because he can't do anything, obviously!

I told him to go to bed and to call me in the morning when I was at home and could actually talk to him on Skpe! Oh by the way Skype is absolutely amazing! I told him I would talk to him later that I loved him and to have a goodnight ect.....

I went on my two mile walk and it was great. I felt great and I knew I would sleep amazing when I got home! Oh no I thought wrong. I got on my Facebook and I had a message from him saying.. "Please dont let anything happen to us I love you too much, I will explain tommorow goodnight" REALLY!!!! That could be a horrible thing or it could be a great thing. I dont know what to think about it. I have cried my eyes out and asked for opinions, but I feel so alone because my wedding is paid for and I love him way to much to let all of this go down the drain.

I just dont know if I can deal with his family if they hate me like I assume. I dont want to feel like that, but I have no other way of thinking I would rather think the worse than the best. I dont know!! I really need help with this one!

When I talk to him I will keep you guys updated whether it was a good thing or a bad thing.


  1. The fact that he said not to let anything happen to your relationship and that he loves you tells me he isn't going to deliver any bad news. Maybe he's just feeling insecure about somethings and really needs to talk to you about it. Just listen with an open mind and heart and you both will work through it:) Chin up and keep us posted!

  2. You know what, I can deal with raising our kids on my own, I can deal with car stuff and house stuff, I can deal with people in the squadron, I hate, LOATHE dealing with his family. I like them all well enough but I'm from the school of thought where, you deal with your family and I'll deal with mine. But alas he's always gone so I get to deal with them. We've been married 6 1/2 years, heres how to deal with it. Find yourself a nice brick wall and bang your head against it! : ) Really, no tips, I just deal with his family with kid gloves so that I don't make any messes and then when he's available he tries to lay down the law.