Monday, September 7, 2009

My birthday!

So, today was the BIG day. I had an awesome birthday and 3 parties. Woo. Im not much of a party kinda person, but it was nice. I couldn't bare to eat another slice of cake after the second party. I felt really sick and full, but thats alright it was all in good fun. My mother suprised me this year with a very very pretty cake. I also realized just because it is pretty doesn't mean it tastes so well. Fondant is absolutely the worst thing I have ever eaten. ICK. ICK. ICK. People here in Alabama use the good ole butter cream icing, but we tried something new. Not such a good idea.

I never thought I would say this, but I was excited to get things for my new house for my birthday. I got some nice pictures for the walls and kitchen things. :) A bunch of candles and baking dishes of some sort. I kinda miss being a kid though and opening up money that I could just blow on anything. Don't you? The money goes to bills now. :( No fun anymore. I guess getting older isn't always a good thing. I miss being a kid and having no worries in the world... Ahhh do any of you miss it?
Anyways I am tired and I need sleep. My wonderful fiance' called at 5:15 this morning. I miss him I really do, but I do not miss him calling that early. Of course it was 1:15 PM in Iraq, but still I haven't had any sleep and I'm all pooped out.
oh and p.s he comes home Monday!! :) North Carolina here I come!

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