Sunday, April 19, 2009


Wow.. Today I got to talk to Drew!! I was so excited!! He called about eight O'clock this morning! He looks great!! He is actually gaining weight! Thank the Lord!! Anyways today is Greek Easter! I am so excited my family is going to roast a lamb in the ground and cook some awesome food! There will be about 200 craazzy Greek people at my familys house!! Well anyways have a great Sunday and please pray for our troops!!


  1. Ummmm
    My sexxaaayyy grrreeek lover this better mean I will be seeing you with left overs soon =D

    I know Drew & his friends enjoyed your conversation this am ;)


  2. Just stopping by cause CFlover told me too! I always have and always will pray for our troops and the sacrafices they make daily on our behalf.

    God Bless.