Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I really have nothing good to say or write about. Bleh. Nothing new has happened in my life or anything exciting. I haven't done anything except work and sleep. I need to go walk/run my four miles, but I do not go alone and SOMEONE will not go with me. ( Kellee )

I realized that I want to lose about 30 more lbs. I need to have this done by August 29.. I don't know if it is going to work, but wish me luck. I have been dieting like crazy and driving the people in my house insane! Haha! I am on the Mayo/ Atkins diet and I do realize that when I get off of it I will gain everything back.. Delightful I know. I just need to be fit and in pretty good shape for August 29 ( bridesmaid), November 7 ( bride) and, January 16 ( maid-of-honor) I have a slew of weddings coming up.

My first bridal shower is August 1! I can't really say that I am excited about it. At all. My parents are divorced and so are drew's so it is going to be awkward with all of us in one room. I think the games that are going to played are ridiculous... Bleh.. Not excited at all about anything.

I have been so exhautsted lately that I wouldn't care if I accomplished anything. Sadly, I haven't done anything to make me this tired. I just haven't even had the energy to go to work or even care about being at work. I don't know what it wrong with me. I think I need to start taking vitamins again. I have no clue..

Anyways thanks for making it this far.. I know this post was pointless and had no meaning. Have a great day!!! :)


  1. hey most of my post are pointless and have no meaning! most blog post are : )

    good luck with the weightloss, I have a few months and then I'll be in the same boat. sucks.

  2. Yeah I have been having days like that for a few now too....Its sucks! I even posted about it like you...HA HA!