Friday, June 12, 2009

What in the world is happening to me..

Dear dear.. Poor poor pitiful Mallory. I don't know what got into me today. I went over to my mom's house and decided that my diet was out the window. I ate an ice cream sandwich and pizza! ah! And on top of all of that I cried about it. Wow! I think I am seriously losing it.

Its almost that wonderful time of the month. I wasn't hungry at all I just decided that I needed to stuff my face with the most grease filled/ carb filled food. I talked to Drew and asked him if it looked like I had gained 20 lbs and he calmly asked me to stop crying and that I looked great. UGH!

I didn't have a reason to be crying or eating, but it was absolutely neccessary. I often wonder why women have to be cursed with this once a month. How in the hell am I going to lose weight if I keep stuffing my face and crying about it for 30 more years? You tell me! I really want answers to all of this because I am truly stumped. I feel as if I should go run/sweat for a couple of days.

Anyways back to reality. I was putting suncreen on my face so it wouldn't burn/peel and I was putting it on as I always do and BAM my fake/ one pretty nails started peeling off. I began to cry and laugh at the same time. I quickly ran to the sink and washed my hands and am still puzzled 7 hours later as I sit here and try to fix my nails as if they will ever look as good as getting them done. I am really cheap so I dont want to get them done for another week :)

Blah Blah Blah... I went to Drew's grandma's house as I previoulsy explained.. Her sending out invites.. Weird, but I went with a great big smile on my face and I was very pleasant to be around. She ending up giving me a gift off of my registry and a framed picture of Drew when he was about one or two. It was a cute gesture and she was very kind. Weird but kind.

I have had a super interesting week. I think I will go lay out again tomorrow. I am screaming skin cancer, but I will be alright. If you have made it this far down then I am sorry, but I have one more thing to bore you with. Drew's family expressed to me last night that when he was a small child he use to beat his head on the floor and bite refrigerators and was a horrible child. I am not happy about the whole carrying a child for nine months, gaining 70 lbs, and sweating for nine months when my child is going to be THE Tower of Terror. Or am I just over reacting? Do kids really inherit their parents behavior? Please tell me!


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  2. Lol, I too hate this time of month and have been really bad with my eating as well...For the past five days I've been downing bags of chips, had sonic, ate a pint of eddy's ice cream and bowls upon bowls of fruit loops...Its frusterating! I run though so I don't feel completely bad:p I certinaly hope they inherit our behaviors:p Robert was a very sweet kid and a bigger love even now, I definitely want that:p Although not so crazy about his food allergies:( He couldn't eat anything growing up. This I truly am frightend about! What am I going to feed my kid?

    P.s. I made some typo's in my first comment:p