Sunday, July 19, 2009

The long lost blog of mine!

I had no clue it has been over two weeks since I have posted! Gah! I guess there is just nothing new to write about. Im still alive and everyone is doing great!

I need some help though..... I am picking out wedding songs for the reception and ceremony and I have no clue what I want. We know what we are dancing to, but thats all. I need to get this stuff done because I have a little over three months and it will be here. AH! I want something fun for the recessional, but I have no clue.

Drew tells me I am Bridezilla grouchy. He says when he mentions the wedding I go into a rage. I don't mean to be like, but I guess its happening. Is that normal?? Or am I just insane? Its so overwhelming. Flowers, music, dresses, shoes, makeup, pictures ect.... AHh! On top of everything all of my junk plus his junk has to be moved to North Carolina no later than October! YAK!!

The list of things I have done and have not done:

1.Drews ring
2. Flowers
5. The food
7. Flutes, cake server, napkins
10. Photographer
11. Addresses
12. Linens
13. Invitations
14. DJ
15. Place for the wedding/ reception
16. Honeymoon?
17. Guestbook and ect.
18. Gifts for the wedding party
20. Alterations
21. Cake(s)
22. Chairs, tables tent!

I think that is about it! I have a lot to do and I'm tired of doing it!
I just want this wedding to be done and over with. Is that bad?

I just need a little help for the music!

Any ideas??

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